Writing Will

Should You Contest a Will?

After a loved one dies, the last thing on your mind is the will. You have to deal with the grief, the loss, the funeral, and so much more. When the will does finally grab your attention, your hope is often that your loved one set something aside for you. If the will sounds completely […]

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Stylish Pen

How to Ensure Your Will is Valid

There are a number of reasons to write a will. The legally binding document will help you to determine what happens to your estate should you pass away, so you can effectively pass on your property, money, and personal possessions to your loved ones or a charity. What’s more, it will ensure you do not […]

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Legal Docs

How Do You Remove a Trustee?

When someone you love, be it a family member or friend, passes away, one of the ways they may decide to leave you some inheritance will be a through a trust. This is often a smart way to ensure that the money and/or assets that they leave you are kept safe and guarded until you […]

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