Is It Worth Making A Will Dispute?

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The passing of a loved one is a distressing situation, and all the more so when you may have to dispute a will. It’s easy in the moment to dismiss the idea of disputing it for ease of the situation as you manage your grief. However, it’s important not to feel as though you’re alone, and the professionals at The Inheritance Experts know how best to help you with a will dispute during a difficult time.

Here is the information you need regarding will disputes which will help you make that important decision.

The Dispute will be Handled by Inheritance Professionals

It’s an overwhelming idea to think of contesting a will, without having any experience in the area and feeling a little out of your depth. When deciding whether it’s worth contesting a will, it’s important to note that you would be completely supported throughout the process by an experienced inheritance solicitor who knows what they’re doing.

These experts will represent any overlooked individual or invested party in order to gain the best outcome for all involved.

What Do I Need To Know Before Making a Decision?

Before disputing a will, you need to know whether you have a legal right to do so and whether your reasons for contesting the will are solid and just. It’s important to seek legal advice regardless of whether or not you decide to contest a will, just to ensure that all initial, adequate grounds are met in order for you to make an informed decision. A professional inheritance solicitor will assess the intentions of the deceased and provide their expert opinion.

It’s also important to invest in a sympathetic solicitor who takes the time to get to know your family, in order for everyone to better cope through the process and maintain relationships.

How Long Does It Take?

If you’re considering contesting a will, it’s important to be prepared for how long it might take. Every case is unique, and there is no set time frame, but you should be expecting months of mediation time. The time frame also relies on the cooperation of all parties involved – naturally, if everyone is cooperating, the process will be smoother and possibly quicker.

If mediation isn’t successful, the case will be referred to the court, which of course will strongly lengthen the process. Court dates are sometimes given 12 months in advance, and for complicated disputes, it could take significantly longer, perhaps even a few years.

If you are prepared for the amount of time it could take and the lengthy process does not hinder you, then it may be worth making a will dispute. If, however, the time factors are an issue for you, it may not be the best course of action.

In summary, while every circumstance is unique in terms of whether a will should be disputed, it is definitely worth at least seeking advice regarding your options in the first instance.

Contact the team at The Inheritance Experts for any queries regarding disputes. Even if you are unsure if it is worth it, our team of experts can help guide you through the process.

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