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From spouses to children, many financial dependents can make inheritance act claims against a will

Inheritance Act Claims: Who Can Make Them?

There have been many government provisions for England and Wales that enable people to make Inheritance Act Claims. To bring a claim, a grant of probate means that only certain parties will fit within the circumstances of the case for compensation. Below, we list some of the leading laws governing inheritance provision for the family. […]

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The Process of Contesting a Will is considerable

The Process of Contesting a Will: Some Key Points

Suffice to say, there’s a lot to account for in the process of contesting a will. Namely, you need to take stock at the early stages to understand if the will is valid legally. You’ll also need to check your own capabilities in handling potentially contentious probate. With siblings, children, loved ones and all other […]

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Family Dispute Over Wills can get contentious - it helps to know the terminology and principles involved.

Key Terms to Know For a Family Dispute Over Will

A family dispute over wills exacerbates what’s already a difficult period of time for any family. Throw the struggle amongst siblings and extended family members over the legitimacy of a legal document aside. Above all, there’s the added pressure of the loss of a valued loved one.  In time, you’ve got a recipe for family […]

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Explaining Probate

When a person dies, it is required by law that all of their personal affairs must be put in order. This is known as ‘Probate’ and includes ensuring that their estate has been finalised. The person who finalises their estate is known as their Executor. However, the executor only has the right to access the […]

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Legitimate will disputes can arise easily with any estate

Three Legitimate Will Disputes

The majority of wills and estates receive proper managerial touch and execution. In essence, wills (according to the law) stipulate exactly what the late party wants to happen to the various parts of their estate. However, legitimate will disputes are a reality of handing out the contents of an estate. Accordingly, a will can be […]

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How to Contest a Will

If you are considering contesting the will of a loved one or relative, it is vital that you are aware of the processes involved before you start to contest it. Whether you believe that the will is unfair, hasn’t been created legally or that the deceased had been pressured into making certain people beneficiaries, this […]

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