What to do if a Will is Fraudulent

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When someone passes away, this can be an upsetting time for all the friends and family who knew them. Often, the will they leave behind is the last thing on someone’s mind, as they will still be grieving over the death of their loved one. However, there will be times when suspicions arise over the validity of a will, as it is possible that unexpected wills can be fraudulent. Unfortunately, you must act quickly to determine if this is in fact the case, as a longer wait may result in less closure and more financial turmoil. During this difficult time, there are some tips you can follow to ensure the claim goes much smoother.

Sound out your suspicions

If a will is fraudulent, then it may not just be you who has their suspicions. While some of these wills are often completely valid but unexpected, the cost of probate fraud is expected to lie somewhere between £100-150 million.

It is therefore reasonable to assume that fraudulent cases do occur, but it still helps to confirm your suspicions with others first before assessing whether you can make a valid claim. Make sure you are taking note of warning signs above all; when emotions are running high, it’s easy to become suspicious of anyone and everything. For this reason, you’ll need to make a distinction. Then, you must decide if there is enough proof to contest the will. Without it, you may struggle to get a solicitor on board to take the matter further.

Find legal support for your case

For any case involving a fraudulent will, it always helps having a solicitor on hand to help you determine whether your case is viable. If it is, they will then act as a vital form of emotional and legal support during an already stressful time. They will also provide much-needed resources to launch an investigation into the will, which you may not have at your disposal otherwise.

Searching for the right solicitor can be stressful in and of itself, but you can streamline the process by looking at online platforms to find the right one. This solicitor will have a great understanding of the burden of this kind of claim, and should act in your best interests to make sure your case has the best chance of winning.

Take legal action

When it comes to fraudulent wills, the cases are not as simple as in any other circumstance. If someone is found guilty, they are liable to facing criminal charges of fraud, and could face prison time.

This means that even after your solicitor has determined a will is indeed fraudulent, there may still be legal action that must be taken. This is when involving the police becomes paramount, as this person should be reprimanded for committing a serious crime. This kind of legal process can become more daunting for distressed loved ones of the deceased, but it is important that you receive proper closure and financial security by following this action through to the end.

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